Monday, February 21, 2011

The Saboteurs among us

The Saboteurs among us

“With friends like these, who needs enemies?” I ask myself this all the time. At times it seems like everyone is trying to sabotage me. Most of my friends know I keep a food diary. I weigh all my food and track my calorie intake religiously. Yet I have friend who constantly wants to go to the Chinese buffet. I mean at least once a week, if not more. When I decline he says he doesn’t want to eat alone. He argues that I do so well during the week and what’s one little cheat day? He even tried to tell me that he observes what I eat and tries to model my eating habits to help him in his dieting efforts. Yeah right…… Then there’s the friend who wants to be my workout buddy. She’s been saying this for 3 yrs. We’ve never worked out together. Why? Because every time we schedule a workout, something comes up. I’ve gotten her 30 day passes to my gym. I’ve paid for hip hop classes at a local dance studio (taught by a member of the Jabbawokees) and offered to pay for registration fees for a 5K when she said she wanted to run one with me. But when it comes time to shit or get off the pot, she never actually comes through. There have been times when she called me saying she was running late and please don’t start without her, but after 3-4 of these calls never showed up. But every time I run into her around town, she tells me how great I look and we should get together to workout. Uh huh ;-).

My workout buddies are the girls I see at the gym every day actually working out. My diet buddies are you guys ;-). It’s kind of funny, complete strangers won’t bullshit you but your loved ones will. It seems like it would be the other way around. I love my friends dearly but they really work my nerves when they don’t understand why I am driven to be healthy. Do the people in your life sabotage you? Do your husband, kids, co-workers, and BFF’s try to derail your weight loss efforts? How do you stay on course when it seems like everyone is out to destroy your diet?

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