Saturday, March 19, 2011

Heavy recap


Tim and Stacia


- 33

Glendale, AZ - Unemployed

Height: 4'2"

Start Weight: 240.2 lbs

End Weight: 173.4 lbs

“I’m grateful for this opportunity. I learned so much about portion control and being consistent, I am more healthy and active than ever.”

Tim is a unique client for Hilton Head Health. He is a little person with an average torso coupled with smaller arms/legs. Exercise will be challenging due to his build. He is 4’2” and his waist is 61”. His waist is 11” longer than his height. I am 5’6” and his waist is 5” longer than my body. Think about it, he was literally a little round ball of a person. Along with the physical complications that come with dwarfism, his excessive weight is putting tremendous strain on his internal organs. His medical evaluation reveals he has high levels in every category. He is on the brink of death. Despite the grim diagnosis, his spirit is high and this carries him throughout the 6 months.

During his therapy sessions Tim reveals he began packing on the weight when his mother was killed in a car accident when he was 15yrs old. Not much is shown of his sessions but I am glad he got a chance to talk about his feelings. Discussing his grief was long overdue.

Tim dives right into the process and immediately has great results. He definitely is in need of this program. I’m not sure he would’ve gotten similar results at home doing Jenny Craig and a personal trainer. Tim really needed a team to help him achieve his goals. He was the perfect candidate for this show.

In the end he lost 68lbs and has since managed to maintain the weight loss. Tim needs to lose almost 90lbs more but hopefully he will find a way to continue his journey. I wish him all the best.


- 36

Atlanta, GA - Accounts Receivable Specialist

Height: 5'6"

Start Weight: 435.2 lbs

End Weight: 286.4 lbs

"I knew that I had to work on healing my heart and head if I wanted lasting, life-changing success. I began learning and practicing the very habits that I plan on maintaining for the rest of my life."

Stacia is a singer/actor/performer who feels held back by her weight. She is married to a man who enables her by eating excessively as well. In an opening scene the couple are shown discussing breakfast. The choices are pizza or cereal. Stacia’s husband decides they should have pizza and cereal. Stacie one ups him by suggesting they eat frozen waffles while waiting for the pizza and cereal to cook. My mind is literally boggled by the fact they are eating three meals for breakfast. Stacia’s husband admits they have only been married for 1½ yrs and are not intimate. Stacia must sleep in a chair sitting up wearing an oxygen mask for her sleep apnea. To not do so could result in her dying in her sleep.

During her counseling sessions Stacia reveals she was molested as a child. To ease her pain, she turns to food. Stacia feels her weight is now holding her back in life. She is involved in theater and cannot be as active as she’s like due to lack of mobility. Stacia frequently cannot fit into chairs in public places. During a meal at Hilton Head she reveals that she eats in excess of 10,000 calories a day. She’s not really sure how much because she stopped counting at 10,000. Stacia’s eating is definitely out of control. As soon as she starts the program the pounds begin melting off. She embraces the program and I am so glad she doesn’t pull the fragile girl act that so many women portray when forced to show effort.

Unfortunately, along with losing weight Stacia lost that loving feeling for her husband. He no longer fits into her new lifestyle. The poor guy never saw it coming.

At the final weigh in Stacia lost almost 150lbs. That is absolutely phenomenal!!!!! At her reveal Stacia performs jazz standards for friends and family and looks like a new person. After leaving Hilton Head Health, Stacia losses an additional 15lbs on her own. She still needs to lose approximately 115lbs but I think she will achieve that goal. Stacia has what it takes and nothing will stop her now.

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