Saturday, March 19, 2011

Heavy recap


Bill and Julia

Bill, 52

Height: 6'3"

Start Weight: 443.0 lbs

End Weight: 301.6

“I hope those around me will benefit from my transformation and be inspired to do something that they have been fearful of doing until now.”

Okay, here we go again with the former athlete who still eats like he’s in training. Is this gonna be the theme for all the men on this show? Bill knows what he needs to do to get back in shape but like most people he needs help getting there. Bill also has bad knees which is a major hindrance. Bill is a recovering addict and should stay away from painkillers at all costs. He puts his sobriety at risk by lying to his physician and the staff at Hilton Head Health. I wish the trainer had gone a little harder on him when she confronted him about his prescription for narcotic painkillers. I’m glad they brought his son in and somehow that reminded him he was an addict. They say he threw his pills away and used a non-narcotic method to deal with his knee pain. I’m proud of him for getting back up and dusting himself off. Can I just say that young male trainer that didn’t have a name was a cutie patootie? I was like train me baby, and train me hard ;-) .

When Bill showed up at his son’s game, I got a little bit teary eyed. He had missed out on so much because of his shame regarding his weight. The things we do to ourselves! Bill’s weight loss of almost 150lbs was amazing! That’s how you take advantage of a 6 month stay at a weight loss spa baby! I was so happy for him.

Julia, 26

Height: 5'8"

Start Weight: 254.4 lbs

End Weight: 166

“For years I struggled with my weight, but I feel like a new woman now. I am happier, stronger and faster than ever. I reminded myself of my inner strength, nothing can stop me now.”

I really related to Julia. While I don’t have a twin, I have an aunt who is only 4 months older than me (grandma had kids 24yrs apart!) and we were treated like twins our whole childhood. She was tall and lanky and I was the awkward chubby one. Life is funny though, after we went through puberty I’m the tall fit one and she’s the short fat oneJ. But back to Julia. Julia has a thinner twin that she’s always being compared to. Being compared to someone and always being on the losing end can be devastating to a child’s self esteem. Julia comforted herself by eating to the point of obesity. Her mother’s death added to her self medicating with food.

Julia studied at the Flo school of kick ass and take no prisoners weight loss program. She came with a purpose and rocked it like nobody’s business. Julia is another great example of someone coming on the show and taking advantage of a great opportunity. I was already emotional over Bill’s story and Julia refurbishing her mom’s bike tilted me over the edge. That 350 mile bike ride back home was such a triumph for her. Julia is truly a winner in my book. And she looked absolutely amazing at her final weigh in.

This episode of Heavy was truly inspirational and made me realize my problems are small in comparison to others. I hope they bring this back for another season because I am definitely hooked!

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